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Working With Diagnostic Data Cable & Software

LINK UPDATE (1/11/16)!1kA1XKaB!dK381cApQ...itggPdL8kOMcvs

use "download through browser"

This is an all in one download that includes

PCHUD with instructions

"Clear fault codes" software with instructions

A guide to making your own data connection using a vag com cable

and other info



Data Cable
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Taobao link

so far the only one known to work

PC or laptop running Win7 (32bit), Tested

May work with other O.S. NOT 64bit


The diagnostic software comes indirectly with the cable. If this is not the case, below is a link to the software I received (PCHUD)!skACACIT!Kv8o9g...KYCK-q08TiBUs8

The software is in Chinese, below is a link, in the download are files and instructions translated in to English. I will go in to more detail of these files further on in this post!wwgkDAwR!QzhC2n...cYKva96H8_KMuY

Installing USB drivers and running software

The translated instructions included in my link should do the trick, so i will only write an overview here.

The setup.exe for the USB drivers can be found in the "USB数据线驱动程序及安装指南" folder

Run the setup without the cable connected to your laptop

No installation is required for the PCHUD software

The folder "德尔福电脑检测软件(PCHud_Chinese)" needs to be renamed to PCHUD, then just place the folder in the root of the harddrive .

I used D:\ as described in the instructions, but probably would work else where if you edit the pchud.ini

Check the pchud.ini anyway to make sure the directory entries are correct.


Launch and experiment with the software without anything connected (run hud.exe)

The important data to load is the .par file, this holds all the parameter data. The VARI54CN.PAR file

is the one that you can see being used in the Delphi Scan Tool Manual (included in my download).

Unfortunately the VARI54CN.PAR is in chinese but i have done my best at translating it (3.par)

The .hud files are user configuration files for the gauges. You are able to create new ones from within the program.

so to get you started use -

3.hud with 3.par


1.hud with 1.par ( slightly different translation of VARI54CN.PAR)

Translating or editing of .par files yourself i will cover in a later post, but i have included a hex/text editor that will be required in my download)


The Chinese TR125 (QJ125GY-16A) uses the Delphi MT05 , i have included the EFI section of the manual in my download.

The images show them using the MT05common.PAR as their parameter file.

For this use 2.hud with 2.par (slight variation on the MT05common.PAR)


connecting up

with ignition off plug the cable into the bike, USB to laptop and run PCHUD.

make sure comports are configured, bike kill switch is to "run" turn on ignition.

"com time out error " should go after a short while, if not start engine and all should be good

apologies for the length of, post now completed

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